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  • Being exact comes naturally to us.
    Find out why...
    We can’t help being accurate. With the Rhodium hydroformylation catalysts used to produce detergents, precision is king. So think about us on your next laundry day. We would appreciate it – very much, to be exact.

    Employee: Angelino Doppiu / R&D Group Leader
  • Of course we are happy about every goal. And every sharp LCD screen.
    Find out why...
    Football without fans? Impossible. Just like the production of liquid crystals without our Palladium catalysts would also be impossible. So, you cheer on the game and we’ll take care of the crisp, clear picture.

    Employee: Eliciane Silva / General Management Assistant
  • Improvement is always on our mind. And in your mouth.
    Find out why...
    Of course we know that toothpaste is more useful in your mouth than on a mirror, but sometimes we get carried away with the brilliance of our formulas. Our Rhodium or Ruthenium catalyst is used in the production of menthol for toothpaste and chewing gum. Speaking of which, you should see the formulas we pop out with gum.

    Employee: Don Zeng / Sales and Business Development Manager
  • We do not employ chemists. We employ perfectionists.
    Find out why...
    When is the last time you thought about chemistry while enjoying a cappuccino? Never? Yet the high pressure seals in modern coffee machines are produced with the help of our Rhodium and Ruthenium catalysts. Come on. Think of us the next time you enjoy a coffee.

    Employee: Nao Kobayashi / Sales Manager
  • We don’t mind getting dirty. Especially for a clean solution.

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    Our laboratories are spotless. But we have never been afraid of hard work. We strive to continuously improve our special precious metal solution used to produce automobile catalytic converters. So when you push the pedal to the metal, we are there to help alleviate harmful exhaust fumes.

    Employee: Beate Heil / Chemical Technician
  • Our products are unique. Just like our service.
    Find out why...
    When you’re relaxing in the pool, do you ever ask yourself why the water is so crystal clear? Electrolyzers containing electrodes coated with our Ruthenium and Iridium solutions produce the chlorine that gives the water its sparkle. So go ahead and relax, we’ve got it covered.

    Employee: Mike Green / Production Operator
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